credit: Sophia Lukasch for femtastics

Every remnant is integrated into Jeschkelanger's creative process. Through years of material research, theoretical manifestations and the use of new technologies, Studio Jeschkelanger finds a complex, interdisciplinary approach to the present. To reevaluate objects and their meaning and at the same time to manifest organic processes of natural materials in a renewed way.

As the artist duo Jeschkelanger, Anja Langer and Marie Jeschke began merging painting and mixed media installations into functional sculptures back in 2016. In the beginning it were 2nd hand glass tables that the duo alienated to multifunctional artworks. Paintings became tabletops and fur coats turned into windows.

Thus the duo's work has been revolving around the bipolar material glass from the very beginning.

We continue to paint with the glass remains of others!

On a research trip in 2018, the two came across the tons of glass waste from German glass manufactureries. Especially the multicolored threedimensional glass shards of art and architecture productions cast a spell over Jeschkelanger. Today the studio Jeschkelanger processes these remnants to the Designterrazzo BASIS RHO.

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