(soft grape #20.001)

Warm surface and deep Aqua

The velvety appearance of this pink pigmented stone is penetrated by turquoise and crystalline white glass fragments. Yellow and red selenium prisms provide a warm glow on the surface, their curved lines softening the rigidity of its gridline structure. Together, all 12 Basis Rho Elements create a harmonious surface tension between warmth and cool colour valences.













12 tiles that form a touchable abstract picture in which one can live. The basic components (glass, cement, gravel) are configured according to an individual design concept. The glass remains come from a specific artistic project. The cement is pigmented with special resistant colours and the aggregates such as sand and gravel are selected according to the idea.

1 edition = 12 elements of 500 x 500 x 25 mm
available as complete edition or as single tile
For orders and further details get in touch with us: info@basisrho.com

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